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Web 2.0 with Applications Remixability

2 Apr

The evolution of the web is increasingly developed since dynamic web, server/database driven until more complex of program or called web app. Today, most web app uses application programming interface (API) to create mashups for its site that has more than hundred of online APIs to choose from.

According to O’Reilly and John Battelle

“Web 2.0 technologies tend to foster innovation in the assembly of systems and sites composed by pulling together features from distributed, independent developers”

In my opinion, innovation in assembly is a remixable software and API is like a toolbox that attaches in the third party website and create variety features inside the web app.

Website eventful.com is one of the webs 2.0 that offers an API for the third party. The site Eventful itself is the world’s largest collection of events and also a great way to track events, venues, and performers based on location and preferences.

Eventful APIs allow users to search the site database and follow up on upcoming interesting events or concerts. “Eventful.com is built upon a unique, open platform that enables partners and web applications to leverage Eventful’s data, features and functionality via the Eventful API” (api.evdb.com, 2009).

Moreover, Eventful uses a simple service called Restful API to provide many ways to search through eventful events, venues, performers, demands, calendar, groups, and users. Responses are formatted in either XML, JSON or YAML.

Eventful APIs are free of charge but for future might be charged fees to use Eventful’s services.

The sample of Eventful API is Eventsnearyou.info. Events near you tracks the event all over the world from Eventful, Meetup and Upcoming APIs. While the website combines with GoogleMaps API to identify the events location.

Although, the numbers of API around 3086 API were used to create 5712 mashups today (programmableweb, 2010), these numbers will continue to increase as long as human is ongoing developed new application on cyber world.

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